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Credit card processing solutions with our company. We offer the lowest rates and can place hard to find solutions for high risk, high volume and tmf match in banking providers.
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Credit Card Processing Solutions

Merchant banking providers classify businesses that do not process their clients' credit cards through a card swipe machine as "high risk" processors. Without a record of the customer's signature and card swipe, it can be very difficult for companies to dispute a charge-back. Charge-backs are costly to credit card processor service providers, and many processing bank accounts make up for the likely chargeback incidents by demanding higher rates for higher risk businesses. Other service providers reject high risk customers outright.

If you operate an erotic companies, online shopping, xxx entertainment, escort or strip club, or other "risky" business that is facing high transaction and processing rates or has been rejected by a solution provider, we can help you to investigate the offshore credit card processing option. An offshore or international merchant account often has fewer restrictions on the type of businesses with which it will work, making credit card processing more accessible to all corporations.

Overseas banks are not subject to the same laws as American banks are, nor do they offer their customers the same protections through the FDIC as onshore processors receive. However, our company works with only the most reputable international credit card processing agents to protect your business from fraud and other dangerous practices. Though an offshore credit card processer is rarely a first choice for American corporations, it can be the best option for high risk businesses.


If you are hesitant to work with an offshore processings provider, consider the following benefits:

The ability to process transactions in many currencies. This is especially beneficial for online businesses who have a broader customer base than local shops, as well as businesses specializing in unique products like hand-crafted goods and other products that can only be purchased from your company.

Tax savings. It is sometimes possible to save on taxes and other government fees when doing business through an international merchant account. You will be able to learn the specifics from your solution provider when you sign up. You should check with an attorney and accountant regarding any tax savings you may receive from using offshore credit card processors.

Payment can be accepted using any major credit card. banks are able to accept the same credit cards that are commonly processed in the United States.

Payments are secure and immediate online. Using online payment processing can allow you to accept payments at any time of the day or night, making your business convenient for customers and maximizing your sales potential. These accounts typically process credit cards through a secure online server that will verify your customer’s identity and protect you both from fraud.

This type of account may be the best solution for your business.

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Note: We are a United States based company however we can handle credit card process banking from all over the world including companies based in: United States, China, Japan, Germany, India, Brazil, United Kingdom, Korea (South), France, Italy, Russia, Mexico, Canada, Spain, Vietnam, Turkey, Australia, Taiwan, Philippines, Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, Panama, UK, Pakistan, Israel, and Denmark. Please inquire if your country is not listed, we may still offer merchant solutions in your area.

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