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Accept Credit Cards today for your Online or Offline erotic entertainment service. We can place high volume and high transaction traditional and low competitive rate visa & master card merchant accounts.
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Online personals is a popular business and a great opportunity for web entrepreneurs to make money.  However, in order to start profitting from an internet personals web site, you must be able to accept your customer's credit cards with an online merchant account.  Not only are credit cards important for verifying that internet daters are legally old enough to use those services, they are also the most convenient and accessible way for clients to pay online.  In order to process credit card transactions, your business will require a merchant solution provider account.

We have experience working with online personals sites that need payment and billing solutions.  Like other adult-oriented businesses, online personals are considered high risk by the credit card processing industry.  Companies should be aware that their customers demand privacy and confidentiality; clients whose activities are discovered on a credit card bill by friends or family may be inclined to dispute the charges and therefore, prove their innocence.  Other clients may not find their perfect match using your service and may decide to dispute the charges in a moment of disappointment.  These situations lead to chargebacks, wherein the customer contacts the company to have the charge removed from his or her bill.  Chargebacks are costly for the bank, and so they make up for increased chargebacks by assessing higher transaction fees.  Generally, online sites are profitable enough to withstand high transaction fees, but our company is willing and able to help you find the best rates for credit card processing.

Contact us today to learn more about setting up with a processor friendly for your business.  We will secure you low rates through a reliable merchant service provider, allowing your internet personals business to prosper.  With our services, you've found your perfect match for your company. The easiest way to get started is to click here to apply now!  

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