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Setting up visa & mastercard for your sex entertainment business can be a challenge.  Because of the special laws governing pornography, novelty products, and other businesses geared at the 18+ crowd, many banks are reluctant to work with the industry.  However, porn entertainment is the single largest industry presence on the internet.  If all of those web sites can be successful, so can yours!

We are happy to assist internet businesses or retail establishments of a mature nature such as book stores and strip clubs.  We have the merchant banking relationships needed to set up a merchant account for your web site or for your establishment, giving you the best available rates and allowing your company to process credit card transactions.  Adult websites are dependent on credit cards for both payment and age verification, so your business must have a reliable bank or visa mastercard company backing you up at all times.

Adult entertainment web sites have two options for payment and billing with our company for credit card porn sites.  The first is to set up a traditional merchant account through a bank.  You can expect your business to be classified as "high risk" because of the nature of your transactions (being processed over the internet in an industry associated with a high level of chargebacks).  Not all banks are willing to work with business owners in entertainment because the legal and financial risks are greater with these companies than with other, more benign businesses.  

If your business is unable to work with a traditional bank or merchant service provider, or if you choose to avoid a traditional bank because of the high transaction fees, an international bank can allow you to process credit cards quickly and easily.  While international banks are not generally as well-insured as American banks, it is possible to secure reputable and reliable service from an overseas merchant account.   We work only with the most reputable international merchant companies to make sure that you receive the best rates and the most reliable service.

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