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Traditional stores will enjoy the lowest rates from our services. When you credit card swipe and get a signature you will process visa, mc, discover, amex at the lowest rates.
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Customers today rely heavily on credit cards for purchasing both large and small items. Stores that choose not to process payments by credit card risk alienating good customers and missing out on the financial boon of add-on sales and other impulse purchases. A business that accepts charge & debit is going to be much more competitive in its industry, no matter what industry that is. A sign on your door stating that you accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and other forms of plastic will act as a welcome sign for good customers who wish to pay by credit card instead of cash or check.

Fortunately, stores, like adult & novelty, and discount shops generally benefit from some of the lowest transaction rates in the credit card industry. This is because they process all credit card transactions in person, swiping the customer's card through a card swipe machine and obtaining his or her signature for their records. Having a signature on file helps to prevent unnecessary chargebacks that can be costly to a merchant provider.

Below are some of the in-person businesses that will be classified as low risk merchants and offered the lowest transaction rates available in the industry today:


  • Sex Toy stores
  • Adult Video Shops
  • Convenience Establishments
  • Erotic Entertainment Restaurants
  • Single Bars
  • Nightclubs & Strip Clubs
  • Cigar/Tobacco/Head Shops
  • Erotic Clothing stores
  • Porn Movie theaters

Retail businesses like popular mall stores, erotic clothing shops, adult toy stores, novelty gift shops, convenience stores, and others listed above typically experience a very low rate of charge backs. Brick and mortar stores are generally very straight-forward with their customers. They are also able to dispute contested charges as long as they maintain accurate records of all the credit card transactions they handle. Businesses like these pose very little financial threat to providers. This is why we can offer them the lowest rates on credit card processing.

The same can be said for in-person service providers like escort & companions, strippers, bdsm erotic entertainment providers meet with their clients, sign contracts for the services to be rendered, and can document signed credit card receipts in the event of a disputed transaction. Like retail shops, these in person service companies benefit from low transaction rates and fewer merchant penalties for conducting straight-forward, easily tracked business.

Apply for an account today, and see what a difference the ability to accept credit card payments makes in your business and your bottom line.

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