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We help agencies like yours get setup to start accepting payments and billing solutions for your type of business. We are one of the few companies out there that will take your type of service. To get started please visit our contact form.
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Companion Service Merchant Payment Provider

Taking credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard can be critical for a companion oriented escort agency. Most of these type of companies and small businesses will have difficulty finding a bank who helped them process payments from their clientele. Many businesses such as these like adult entertainment companies, dating services, independent companion services for men and women, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual or transgendered, and traditional straight male & female escort services will have a difficult time finding a credit card processing company who will handle their transactions. Difficulties arise when customers dispute or issue  chargebacks to their banks claiming the services were never rendered. It could be a spouse discovered charges on their statement and rather than admit they were using escort services they simply dispute the charges. There are also escort website advertising services that simply list in a local directory escorts in their area. Most merchant account service providers will not process any type of sexually explicit materials or anything related to this industry even though it may be perfectly legal. We have both domestic and offshore solutions for your industries. In many cases we may need to use an international overseas account for your type of business however domestic banks which we support, will offer the lowest rates. Rates may be slightly higher depending on your processing history. We can help you grow your business even if it's new or its established for many years. We do not discriminate if you cater to a specific industry.  To get started you can click here and fill out or information form or simply call us.

Get Setup To:

- Take Visa and MasterCard from Your Clients

- Mobile Solutions for Your IPhone, IPad or Android

- High Risk and High Volume Okay

- Independents or Agency

- Domestic and Offshore Solutions Available

- Process for Classifieds Available

- Credit Card Swipe Terminals Available

- Nude Maid/House Cleaning Services Acceptable

- Stripper Services for Bride Parties and Bachelor Party Events

Rates for these type of transactions depend on if you swipe a customer's credit card and have them sign a receipt or you take credit cards over the phone or website. Generally speaking when you get a customer's credit card signature it is harder for disputes to go through you have a proof of purchase of the service those rates will usually be lower however you may feel awkward or have a difficult time getting a signature for this type of transaction. Without a signature rates are usually higher they can fall into 2 to 3% range and can go higher than that also. It depends on if it's a new business or an established one and do you need an offshore solution. International overseas solutions the rates will be higher. We do offer credit card processing for an escort agency. To get started simply fill out our contact us form or call us and a friendly customer service representative can assist you.